One Birth is Not Enough

Al darwesh

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One Birth Is Not Enough is based on devising a new method of spiritual ascent by bringing up important stages of human life, focusing on them, and thinking about these stages impartially, until the self is rid of its complexities one after the other.
My darling presents me with a lantern that is very similar to Aladdin’s magic lantern, and because I believe in the possibility of achieving dreams and believe that the entire universe is harnessed for our sake, I weaved from my imagination forty stories revolving around very important topics that passed through my life and raise existential questions in life, and I invite my friend to join me and my darling in our discussions.
My friend, that cosmic energy that is embodied in my pen at times, and at other times in the genie of the lamp, or in that child who resides within me and inside each one of us.
We dive deep into the past, and together we wrap our wounds with love and transparency, so we feel greater freedom and reassurance that overwhelms the self with safety, so that at the end of the book we reach a state where we feel like being born again.

Al darwesh does not come from a particular region in the East, although he was born like sea foam on the shore. But rather, he feels that his body is molded from every atom of the dust of this East.
He moved around in many jobs without mastering any of them, while the ember of writing was burning in his chest day after day and year after year, until it finally caught fire, raged in flames and burned all the worn papers.
His roots in the east required him to rise high in the sky to explore the universe.
Thus began his journey in life.

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