Once Upon a Dream

Fatma Al-Saadi

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When a dream touches reality, it becomes possible to happen. No matter what I lost in my life, I always looked at the bright side. I always suppressed my pain to be able to move on.
I believe that if your new year is just like the year before then you need to get yourself a job.
When I was fed up waiting for a job to save my life, I worked on my dream. Sometimes losing important things give us the chance for better things. Only when we are positive enough can we see the light under the sea and an ending to the ocean.
Wake up today to make your dreams true. Work on them because the story of 11:11 wish and the falling star wish are unfortunately not real!

Fatma Al-Saadi is an Omani girl. She lives in a small Omani town surrounded by UAE. Most of her relatives are Emiratis, including her mother and uncles. She has two daughters. She finished her Diploma in English Literature from Sohar University, which has an Australian Education system. She is a housewife. She thinks that writing is the future she wants for herself because she believes that working with something you like is never boring. She is looking forward to doing something to make her two countries proud. She believes in the bright side and happy endings.

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