Of Love And Faith

Han Birondo

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“I’m Zaki.” Strange, but his voice echoed inside me in a similar fashion when one struck the bell in the church, the sound of it travelled through the walls of my ears and cascaded to my throat, then hit my rib cages and caused an unexpected jolt in my heart.

If love’s a destination, then the heart would know when one had finally arrived. In his arms I found home. But it’s hard to understand the ways of fate.

In the fantasy world of Disney, love is enough. In the real world of men and women, and at the time when people differ from each other, not just by races but also by beliefs, there are age-old traditions that cannot be bypassed by means of love.

There are no fairy tales, there are few love stories and this one far from ordinary. At the core of this story are two hearts with differing faiths. The divide is as old as time, and the differences as complex as history itself.

Han Birondo is from the Philippines. She’s an HR management professional certified both in Learning & Development Training and Lean Six Sigma. She started writing poetry in 1997 when she first fell in love with a classmate in college. She has written dozens since. She also wrote hundreds of personal quotes borne from personal experiences on life, love and loss which she later published under the title Then Eve Speaks, volumes I – III. This first novel is her memoir for a love that was destined not to be.

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