Notes and Comments

Amna Mohammed

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This is another attempt that might add something to your understanding of life.

As much as thinkers think and philosophers philosophize, nothing could quench the existential thirst, but thought remains and philosophy remains the disease and the cure.

Why? I believe that they embody attempts to reach the truth, and it is the wisdom of the Creator that there are multiple facets to the truth, in the sense that every human grouping and every nation has its own view of the truth, of the absolutes, of the final things, and as long as we maintain our respect for this difference, communication will continue to exist between all continents and cultures.

This book does not aim to impose a certain point of view or a system of values, but rather aims to enable intellectual advancement and enable progress.

So, yes to difference, yes to diversity and no to everyone who wants to impose an idea on the world.

I would like to point out that the topics dealt with in this book are only an attempt to present and shed light on, and not an attempt to impose a point of view. And, I offer all respect and appreciation to the reader.

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