My First Book

Sawsan Abdelmagid Abu Hassabu

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My First Book is one of six books for teaching the Arabic language to native speakers. it has been revised and approved by the Ministry of Education and Bakht Er Rudah National Center for Curriculum and Research in Sudan for the following reasons:

1- It relies on the students’ activity to gain experiences, and their ability to link the content to their personal experiences.

2- It inspires and motivates students to be creative and present their best.

3- It contributes to students’ acquisition of the four language skills in a good and balanced manner.

4- It works to build positive habits and attitudes.

5- It presents the Arabic language in a smooth, fun, and varied manner.

6- It promotes active learning opportunities, where the learner is the focus of the educational process.

7- It contains the educational objectives.

8- It includes general and individual assessment criteria that allow the learner to learn and advance with personal steps.

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