My Morals Makes Me Beautiful

Nouf Alhammadi

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The book includes 25 stories. The reader can live the events so he can learn and understand that:

• Justice, brings love.

• Courage, is a very important element in self-defense.

• Being independent, is mandatory to learn how to feed ourselves without asking for help.

• Satisfaction, is a treasure that brings you peace.

• Vanity, hearts you back and make you think you are better than others.

• Respect, brings love and acceptance.

• Helping others, puts a smile on their faces.

• Respecting environment, makes a person contribute to the cleanliness and prosperity of his country.

• Respecting rules, puts out of trouble and makes you a role model.

• Being responsible, is believing that you cannot break the trust.

• Spending in moderation, avoids falling into stinginess and extravagance.

• Feeling proud of our culture, is the love story of our beloved UAE heritage, inherited by children from grandparents.

• Trust, is a feature that the sky, the earth, and the mountains refused to hold, and it was carried by the true believer.

• Forgiveness, builds communities and spread love and affection between people.

• Solidarity, is joining your hand to someone in need.

• Diversity and inclusiveness helps the group pick a flower from each garden.

• Hospitality, is an obligation urged by our Prophet (PBUH), and it is an Emirati tradition that we inherited from our ancestors.

• Ambition, is a seed that needs a drops of motivational expressions to grow and flourish.

• Generosity, is to give constantly without return.

• Most successful people are hard workers.

• Socializing, raises our knowledge in diverse fields such as communication, networking and public speaking.

• Increasing awareness of the events around us is mandatory to be able to take the right decisions.

• Loving others, makes you wish them success and happiness.

• Anger-management, can be applied by so many ways, and the most important way is to follow the Sunnah of our prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Lastly, I wish these stories touch your hearts and be beneficial to you, and makes a good change within you.

Nouf Alhammadi is from the Emirate of Sharjah. She holds a bachelor's degree in health care administration and leadership with excellence and first class honor.
She participated in many courses, including:
• Counseling program in marital relations.
• Entrepreneurship and innovation.
• Body language and client psychology.
• Skills of strategic intelligence, thinking and innovation.
The writer has won several writing competitions, including: “Write with a Damas Pen” for the best purposeful short story, and the “Love of the Written Words” competition for the best short and expressive phrase. She also won the "Masterpieces of the Union Spirit" competition for the best poem expressing patriotism.
In addition, she won second place in the “Thinking outside the Box” competition in the category of cases fruitful suggestions.

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