The Finest

Eng. Aisha Sultan Abu Shabs

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What would we do if life chooses a strange story for us, take us into a Wonder tale, and make us walk bumpy paths ¬– would we stick to it? Or will we leave it? Or will we face it? Do we have the strength to believe that our given paths and our destinies are best written by the Lord of the world? Each and every one of us cares about life and tries to preserve it, but life always shocks us with events that contradict our expectations.

Eng. Aisha Abu Shabs is an aerospace engineer and graduated from Khalifa University of Science and Technology and Researches. She is interested in reading and writing, in addition to her passion for space science. From a literary point of view; Aisha is interested in poetry and recitation, in addition to her love for theatre. It is worth mentioning that writing is the only thing that she has not delved into until now, so her book was the beginning of her literary career.

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