Afrah A. J.

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Vengeance led to regret when the wrath of Aristarchus caused a mysterious massacre on the roads of Annapolis. An anonymous soul proved that people of the “real world” were ignorant to invade an island like Fenjiyawa.

People were alarmed, officers were oblivious and scientists were questioned. Was it just a zombie apocalypse or was there a deeper explanation to why a father just tried slaughtering his own child?

Afrah A. J. is an author exploring the dark side of fiction that thankfully does not reflect her personality as she is certainly not psychotic. She is maybe the only author who never liked reading but took up the most ironic passion of writing. She’s a marketing geek with a strong desire to explore the world. A. J. sees herself as a blooming rose in a garden full of authors. Like any sane person, she is also terrified of spiders.

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