Love Stories Short

Nour Alhassan

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Lessons learned:

1 – Love is a promise.

2 – Never force love, let it come to you organically.

3 – Love is a choice.

4 – The key for a successful relationship is patience.

5 – Twin flames do exist.

6 – You should never hide your feelings.

7 – It is not healthy to choose for someone, let them take that decision by them selves.

8 – Cheating is a deal breaker.

9 – If you are destined to be together, sooner or later you will reunite.

10 – Love with both your heart and your brain.

Nour Alhassan is a management and logistics graduate, with extensive abilities to navigate and handle challenges in various fields such as marketing, journalism, and writing. Her love for writing started in her teenage years. Following her early passion, she worked as a freelance writer at various magazines. Understanding ‘Love’ and how relationships work is one of her leading passions.

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