Lotus Bouquets

Obaid Mohamed Aljeraishi

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This is a story in which feelings are burning, in which stories of love roam on the banks of the River of Love, our steps were walking on a rug strewn with flowers of feelings, and laughter soared across the magical place, and we used to meet everyday moments before sunset, and we used to talk until late at night laughing shyly…

And the light of the moon illuminates our meetings, it guards us, and conversations sing our hearts, so their tenderness sways with a whisper that has no equal in the world, and there she wrote the first word she uttered with eagerness, I said to her, ‘I love you’; And tears of happiness flowed down her cheek, so I filled my cups with groans. I drink it fresh when memories pass in the middle of the night; The night is long, life is short, and the sorrows are hymns.

An Emirati writer with a master’s degree in Management and Marketing from the Sorbonne University – Abu Dhabi, in the year 2010.

He started heading toward the field of literature and poetry to present his thoughts and opinions, and he used to participate as a collaborating writer during intermittent previous periods in the world of Emirati journalism and magazines, and he wrote many literary works on different subjects (short story, poetry, novel, self-development).

He participated in book fairs such as Sharjah, Muscat, Riyadh and continues to be creative in the fields of writing, composition, and poetry, especially free poetry, and lyrical poetry.

While his interest in writing stories and novels took a major direction for his current intellectual interests, he aspires to become one of the most eminent writers in the Arab world during the coming period as he translated his literary production into English, French, and other living foreign languages.

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