A Knocking Door Thief

Asmaa Al Fadel Omar

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Who is visiting us at this late hour? Shall I open? The door made an annoying creak. ‘Who’s there?’ I did not receive a response, so I looked outside, and the one who came in was nothing but a beggar. ‘Do you want some food?’ His eyes were filled with tears, but he did not respond. I felt sorry for him and said again: ‘Do you want money?’ Finally, he replied in a whisper: ‘Some walkers…’ But I closed the door forcefully and a voice shouted at me: ‘A lying beggar, they are all liars.’ Another voice said: ‘He doesn’t want money; he doesn’t want food.’ It’s been silent… Knock knock ‘Please open the door…’ but there is no answer.

Asmaa Al-Fadil Omar, born in the 1990s, finished high school in 2017, and has not yet joined university. She began writing when she was eight years old. This is her debut novel. Asmaa always thought: ‘Will they like what you write or not?’ If the answer is no, she will not despair, and will try hard to communicate her ideas, because it has many things that it would like to offer to humanity. Writing is what she was created to do, and if the answer is yes, then she is a lucky girl, and she hopes to be so.

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