Why Do I Hate My Boss?

Hassan Al-Zuhairi

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Dear employees, after finishing high school I decided to look for a job, and when I was hired by a company in my city, I found out that it is not as easy as I had thought it would be. This is when life started to reveal its fangs to me, and I gradually started to be independent of my mother and father and dependent on myself. This is the critical stage in my working life; I either prove myself at work and bear with the difficulties, or I give up and go back home defeated from my first encounter with life.

Hassan Al-Zuhairi is an assistant head of the department with up to twenty-two years of experience in the manufacturing field. He likes to be identified as a lovable manager according to John Maxwell’s classification. Currently, he is completing his studies in psychology, under the supervision of professor Tarik Al Habib, to obtain the degree of Clinical Psychologist, and he is close to graduation.

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