In the Sweet Night

Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh

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There is a way to unmatched solace

The delights of proximity to God

Am I a tiny drop of water

Or a speck of dust in the vast universe?

Waveringly treading the greatest path

The road of glorification of the Lord

Muhammad and Christ charted the course

Affirming the unfathomable seas of Divine love

We are an insignificant being in vast oceans

Whirling in a dance of worldly aim

Born in Amman, Jordan, Khaled Hazem Nusseibeh is a Jordanian-Palestinian whose family hails from Jerusalem. The Nusseibeh family is distinguished for being the custodian of the key of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre—a function it has held for a number of centuries. He is a graduate of Columbia and Princeton universities where he studied Political Science and Near Eastern Studies respectively. He has authored several books of poetry and prose and has been a translator for over 20 years.

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