The Goals in The Events Of Love

Maram Al Habib

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The goal is not just a paper and ink… It is a trembling heart through a pen.

It is the map of feelings in which our existence has been lost, and we have lost the distinction between being a reality, or is it just a game of opportunities! And now we live wandering like a twisted chess piece, our souls hanging in the hand of luck, no skill here, no planning or strategy!

It is the slap that awake us from the unawareness in which we thought that life with everything in it seemed calm, soon its pain on our cheek opens our eyes, to see that everything began to fade and crash on the altar of reality.

It is a play in which we lived along with its characters, whom we believed to be real people, and we claim that we knew them, then the audience applause announces at the end of this play, that these characters were nothing but pictures in a frame in a painting in a theatrical scene…

It was all in vain!

She is half a woman and half a child who refuses to grow old.

She is the daughter of an angelic mother in heaven, a merciful father, a third sister among four sisters, a wife to a great gentleman, a proud mother of two sons, sensitive to the point of writing, and a writer of thoughts to the point of poetry.

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