General Features Of Scientific Research In Social Studies – The Experimental (Practical) Framework

Muhra Salem Mohammed Qassimi

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The book in our hands is the first edition of a series on social research, which consists of three books that will be published successively. The Arab Awakening Library is responsible for supervising the publication of this research series, in continuation of its pioneering role in this field, in order to spread community awareness of societal issues and their treatment. Which represents part of its main goals.

The focus of this book revolves around emphasizing the importance of scientific knowledge, raising the level of human knowledge, and activating its role in developing society, thus achieving the well-being of society and improving the social conditions of its individuals. This is, in fact, the goal and basic field of scientific research.

Dissecting the systematic system of theoretical concepts is given the utmost importance in this book, so the meanings are determined and the similarities and differences between them are identified, while adhering as much as possible to accuracy, clarity, and logical sequence, and relying on the selection of specialized literature in the study of social and humanitarian research.

There is no doubt that the relationship between interest in scientific knowledge and the prosperity of the civilization of nations has been proven throughout historical times.

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