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Flatapous, a young flat shoe, begins his first day at Sole Academy, where he meets new ‘shoedents’, some friendlier than others. Eagerly, he enrolls in the annual school marathon. Although he stands a chance to win, Flatapous chooses to apply the lessons from his trainers to help his ‘shoemates’ and start a new trend.

In a world where celebrating and respecting our differences is more crucial than ever, what better way to do so than through shoes? This lighthearted short story is perfect for families and young readers. The characters, inspired by traditional shoes from around the world, remind us that like shoes, we come in various shapes, sizes, colors, fabrics, and heights – each with a unique purpose. So what’s your purpose? What footprint will you leave behind?

Noorah Al-Eidi was born and raised in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia. Growing up in the Eastern Province exposed her to different cultures, values, and faiths at a young age. She developed a passion for writing and wrote this story in hopes that it will inspire young readers to celebrate the beauty and power of diversity. This is her first book.

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