Sawsan Abdullah AL-Omran

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He stopped writing, not because his imagination had run out of ideas, but because it was crowded with them and began to wrestle…!

He asked his servant to take him to the bed so he can end this wrestle…

It is sleep that makes us forget our pain, and makes us dream of something better.

It’s like escaping to nowhere!

I knew Sawsan as a friend, reader, and sister, before I knew her as a writer. We exchanged many novels and books. As some writers mentioned, “Reading does not only make a writer, but rather it makes the person he is”. This is what happened with Sawsan, with every book there is a new turn, and with every turn a knot is formed that can only be solved by writing. Sawsan went through circumstances that led to her early maturity as a writer.

The characters of her novel began to crystallize at the beginning of her university life, until she recently able to weave it into a novel that integrated the events.

I wish the reader an enjoyable read with the events of the novel and its heroes.

Speech therapist:

Fatima Al-Baghli

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