Eleven Years Ago

Fahad Saleh Alluhaimid

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Today was the twenty-seventh of March 2007 when a dust storm blew up the city of Riyadh, and its ashes began to be scattered everywhere.

The headmistress of an elementary school felt it was the perfect time to call the students’ parents to pick them up; Cases of suffocation increased in her school, but that was the last time Noor was seen.

Because it was a small seed that the famous investigator, Sahel Jaber, planted in that place, this seed began to grow little by little while he did not know, then it turned into a large tree that can be climbed and the bushes and bushes behind it can be seen.

Then that moment was… after eleven years… and how bitter the truth is after eleven years of drowning in darkness!

Fahad Saleh Alluhaimid; A Saudi national, lived and grew up in the Qassim region. He sacrificed for education. He is a math teacher, a voracious reader since his childhood for any book he looks at, fond of detective novels, historical books and biographies, a loyal fan of football, and fond of parrots, where he lives with his three parrots.

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