The Delirium of a Crazed Woman on the Bridge of Forgetfulness

Heidi Mohammed

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When we imagine that we feel the glut of speech, and we need to exercise love, then we find us taming ourselves to be obedient to love’s fluctuations, to discover that this swelling is a blessed pregnancy, or perhaps it is inauspicious.

And from there I drew a picture…

I saw that there is a girl of about ten who still carries in her thoughts the genes of feeling.

And love is written by force… once in public and three times in secret

And after she exceeded thirty-odd years, labor came to her on the Bridge of Forgetfulness!

Perhaps she wants to knead the pain with bright hope, whose first cry is an incomprehensible stammering of love!

And on the suspended bridge, her pain would intensify agonizingly

Then she would fall asleep imagining her baby’s stammering

Has transformed into loud love notes

Played by a magical wand and a queen’s sceptre

And a book that is carried weakly by a crazed woman

Carrying it to term and releasing it took years

Until the hour of birth came between these pages!

Heidi Mohammed

Heidi Mohammed is a Saudi writer and poet.
She is an English Literature graduate and also has a Masters of Business Administration.
She has a Train the Trainer professional diploma.
Her dream hangs between the shelves of libraries and digital memories.
Her ethereal voice is an echo of a soul that values stability.
Her ambition loves flying to where wishes are.

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