Darkness Of Kozieh

Mohammed Alfatih

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‘Let her live amongst us in darkness…’

Simple words were used to pass a judgment over a child who was only few hours old; a judgment that left her to live in darkness within the walls of a castle filled with secrets, blood, and suffering. It is a castle filled with gold and hope for a better life above the darkness in its basement. What is the path to the light of hope among monsters who love darkness and wear human skin as a disguise?

Set in the tumultuous medieval era, where wealth equates to power and power dictates law, this narrative unfolds. In these harsh times, the vulnerable end their day with a cautious ritual: a thorough check to ensure that no part of their body has been lost or harmed. This vivid portrayal captures the relentless struggle for survival in an age where might and money reign supreme.

Mohammed Alfatih holds a Master’s Degree in Accounting and Finance, loves reading and sailing in the world of imagination, was born in a beautiful era, and is a Sudanese national at heart and soul.

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