Coconut Family Adventure

Lulwah Bader Ali

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This is a short story that tells of an adventure experienced by the Coconut family, a family that loves fun, playing, dancing, and singing, living peacefully on a small island in the middle of the ocean.

One day, while they were playing with a ball near the seashore, the ball fell into the sea and drifted away until it disappeared from their sight. They decided to go in search of the ball and swam in the ocean waters after it. Suddenly, they found themselves in front of a very large city.

They were afraid of this city at first, but they quickly got to know a family called the Banana family, who welcomed them and helped them return to their island safely.

Lulwah Bader Ali loves writing short stories. She also loves adventures and exploration very much. Lulwah was only nine years old when she wrote the story The Adventure of the Coconut Family. She will now be ten years old in November 2024, and she has new stories that she would like to publish soon, such as The Story of the Golden Apples and The Story of the Ghost House.

She loves her family very much, especially her sister, who is six years older than her, and considers her a role model. Lulwah has two sisters and two brothers and is considered the middle daughter in the family.

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