Clock Beats

Huda Alkhamis

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Would it be possible for the doctor to remove the hurting chapter from her life? That chapter of her falling in love with her boyfriend. The chapter of her losing the love of her life. The chapter of her wishing just wishing to know the unknown to really decide what to do, when to do it, and how to do it.

What makes Doctor Mond able to tolerate all this pain is that she has strong faith that God has planned everything in our lives and we as human beings should accept that as destiny.

This novel touches the pain and move it into a wide plate of energy that pushes the human’s potential and help us to tackle any pain, any wounds and any guilts.

Huda Alkhamis is a driven and accomplished accountant at Saudi Aramco with a passion for volunteering and reading.
She was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Huda pursued her bachelor’s degree in business administration at Oregon State University in the U.S.A.
Her love for books is only rivaled by her dedication to giving back to her community through volunteering. Huda’s outstanding mentorship skills have been recognized and rewarded, as she was named the Successful Mentor of 2020 by the College of Business.

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