Maysa Almustafa

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Sarah is not like most girls, she is a beautiful woman who does not care about her beauty. She may not have even realized its existence because she knows with certainty that beauty radiates from deep within to illuminate the present and the future.

She pursued her passion and creativity in designing jewellery, until her fate led her to a jewellery merchant who harboured a professional gangster working for an international human trafficking ring, who lured her and a group of aspiring women to the desert with the aim of kidnapping them and forcing them to join the gang.

The desert winds blew as Sarah desired, and she resisted them fiercely and did not surrender, until the brave Bedouin men found and saved her and her colleagues from the clutches of human snakes that were always lurking to lead them to an unknown fate.

Maysaa Al-Mustafa was born in Syria, and during the first months of her life she moved to live in her second homeland (the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia), where she completed her university studies and raised her small family.

In Saudi Arabia, Maysaa loved reading and continuing to learn everything new.

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