The Stairs

Sarah Abu Al Yazeed

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Friends gathered as usual in the palace of their wealthy friend (Ali Al-Halfawi), but the unexpected happened when their friend (Dina) disappeared, and they were forced to enter the forbidden area in the house, even to its owners since ancient times. Everyone who entered it did not go out, and he was only found in a few cases.

Where will their decision take them? Are they ready to face an unknown that has never occurred to them?

Sarah Abu Al Yazeed was born in 1984, she graduated from Akhbar Al-Youm Academy in Cairo.

She obtained a BA in journalism, and worked for a while as a journalist, then moved to the UAE, she now works as a creative writer in the field of advertising.

She loved reading since she was young, and her heart was attached to everything behind the scenes of nature, and this encouraged her to invent parallel worlds and narrate them to friends, which were always admired, until her close friend encouraged her to take a step, and put some of those stories on paper to share with everyone who loves this type of stories. She is now presenting to you her first novel.

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