Soul Talk

Maryam Ali ALmakhmary

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The morning tells us a story that optimist people love, as the morning has a different flavor, taste and color when we have dreams and aspire to achieve them.

Be one of those who loves the early mornings and plan their path. Be like the bird who starts his day early, flying around, looking for his needs.

Don’t look outside and everyone is running to advance, while you are sitting on your balcony, perhaps you will see someone you know and point at him, and tell people around you that you know him, and you are proud of knowing him, it is unfair to destroy yourself in this way.

How awful it is to see everyone progress, and it is enough for you to know someone, and he doesn’t even know that you see him, he is immersed in his dreams, devoted to developing himself, preoccupied with his ambitions, knowing him does not mean anything to him.

I may appear strong at all times; some may think of me as a rock unmoved by the wind.

I do not seem tired at all, I am not that broken one who expects empathy, and I do not accept brokenness to stop me from my determination, I am healthy in all my states.

They do not know that I am collapsed and irreparable, but I have a classic character that gave everyone the right to see me in that perfect image.

My character appeals to many around me, although I am not well at all, I am just a breathing soul, silently watching fate, waiting for the moment of my fall after the collapse that I expect. Telling everyone the fact that I was fragile, but fate brings me miracles that force me to demolish my broken self and build a new one with my classic type that I love. I have erased brokenness from my life. I am too strong to continue my life while wrestling with myself. I fully believe that I am a source of strength for those around me, and that I am a wall on which my loved one’s rest. This is not arrogance; I really am.

These are my words to all those who are trying to persevere and do not accept to be seen as weak, for those who are about to collapse but still carry a glimmer of hope.

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