Bon Bon & Friends

Rasha Kadora

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Bon Bon is a monkey, mischievous and agile. One day he falls from the top of the tree. Crying, his animal friends gather around him, each with a different reaction. This story presents various reactions a child might encounter in their environments, illustrating that these reactions do not succeed in alleviating the sadness or pain. In the end, it becomes clear that all Bon Bon needed was to have a friend by his side.

Rasha Qadura is a psychological and educational consultant who has been working at the Ministry of Education since 2016. She worked as a counselor and coordinator for kindergartens and preschools, and as an early childhood coordinator at the Community Center in Al Li, Additionally, she worked as a childcare provider for 12 years. Today, she works as an educational consultant for preschools in Al Lid and Al Ramla. She fell in love with the world of childhood and reads many children’s stories daily. She holds a bachelor’s degree in early childhood education, a master’s degree in educational consulting, a diploma in family counseling, and a diploma in mental health. She conducts groups and family counseling. She has been awarded for being the exemplary educator by the Municipality of Lod and the Ministry of Education. One of her most important publications is a therapeutic children’s story series titled Mas and her Friend Feelings.

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