Be Wise

Basma Banihammad

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This book serves as an expanded horizon to explore the questions in our minds and personal conclusions that are not subject to the judgment of right or wrong. It encapsulates the process of searching for the keys to understanding all the ambiguous questions and experiences of life that we encounter, in the hope of finding solutions to our boundless inquiries.

Consider this book a brief journey into your own world, where you may open the doors to questions that will help you reach yourself and what you aspire to achieve in life.

Everyone is inherently aware that we were created for a purpose. Some of us may have begun early in our lives to establish our goals and have already embarked on the search process to reach the stage of maturity, achieving our objectives and success. Others, however, may still be in the stage of self-conflict, striving to attain that level of self-awareness and success.

Within these pages, we affirm that you are not alone in this struggle and that there is still hope and time for self-awareness. You can rise again to assert yourself and achieve internal, intellectual, physical, and psychological maturity.

In essence, this book is a tour of our minds, an opportunity to reset, and perhaps search for the self that we have often forgotten as we navigate through our daily experiences.

Basma Bani Hammad is a chemical engineer. She is a graduate of the United Arab Emirates University and currently holds the position of Director of the Petroleum Production Department.

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