Another World

Tarek Elzayat

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The author deals with the weight of psychological pain and its negative impact on a person’s ability to interact with life and practice his natural roles, by addressing a selection of various human models between women and men who belong to different ages and social classes. This is done through a dramatic novel dealing with feelings of love, ambition and abandonment, where events escalate and intersect until each of them finds a way to get rid of their psychological burdens, and return once again to practice their life activities and integrate with society.

Tarek Elzayat is a former police officer, holds a doctorate in public law from Cairo University, and has received training courses in the field of training law enforcement officers to respect human rights within the United Nations programs at the European headquarters in Geneva.
He worked as an international observer within the United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Cambodia.
He worked as an assistant professor of public law at the Police Academy in Kuwait, and a legal advisor specializing in commercial arbitration and building, construction and communications contract disputes.

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