Always Almost, Until It Wasn’t


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i am the one

hiding between the lines

in over-stuffed drawers

torn diaries, outdated dates

nameless and anonymous

i am the one

filled with passion and drive

fearfully expressive,

hiding in a forgotten corner

my voice was too loud, I was silenced

yet here I am breaking the

boundaries, opening forgotten books,

to find my voice again,

to bring life to the dead

to paint the words in rainbows

i am the one across these words

embodied in contents

sharing my life to who’d listen

so listen closely

read between the lines

you’ll find my torn diaries

of outdated dates

filled with drive

and passion.

Mea B, a Dubai-based author, has been writing since a very young age. During her long summers in London and countless trips to old bookstores in hidden corners, she found her love for poetry and prose. Most of her writings are inspired from her real-life experiences, but some from movies and books she fell in love with and her wild imagination. Being a writer is one of her many dreams she’d like to accomplish in the future, but it is the closest one to her heart.

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