Adventures of Layla – Layla and the Beach

C.M. Iqbal

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Little Layla is thrilled about her first beach trip and carefully packs her cherished silver backpack. With pockets galore – including a secret one – she meticulously decides what to take, getting ideas from her big sisters.

Layla knows the pre-trip routine: Daddy straps her in, tickles her toes, travel dua! At the beach, she has a special parking spot for easier access. Though Daddy carries her, she’s eager to explore.

Layla joins her sister Rana, splashing in the inviting water, feeling the soft sand between her toes. But suddenly, worry strikes. The parking attendant is inspecting their car, and Daddy can’t find Layla’s special parking permit. He searches frantically – under the seats, in the trunk – but can’t find it anywhere. Their perfect beach day could be ruined over a tiny lost card! Where could it possibly be?

Carla Iqbal is an early year’s specialist from the UK. She has held various roles in the education sector and finds that the curious minds of children never cease to amaze her.

Layla is one of her five children, and provided the inspiration for writing this series. Carla hopes to inspire children and parents alike in creating a more inclusive world, highlighting the joy, happiness, and unique insight all children can bring.

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