ACE Year One

Hassan Husam Al Khafaji

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ACE Year One is a book containing three fine selections of fictional stories, all written by one author: Hassan Husam Al Khafaji. With three separate journeys, containing an excellent cast of characters, it leaves you wondering about what’s coming next. It allows your mind to create its own imaginary world, embracing the art of fiction as we know it.  All characters in these stories face different and unexpected conflicts, and must learn how to persevere through all odds, and to adapt to the circumstances they’ve been put under. However, this will not be the end to all these characters’ journeys, there’s more to happen, and more stories to be told.

The beauty of fiction is that it’s unlimited, you can create whatever you desire, and craft your OWN perfect story, and that’s exactly what the author was able to achieve here. All stories are different in their own ways, and may appeal to different audiences, you will never not find at least one work of fiction in this that you enjoy. As you’re reading though this, you’re able to let your mind wander, and imagine your own story that YOU’LL love. Have fun reading this, take your time to appreciate it, and enjoy!

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