A Prisoner and Other Stories

Afaf Ali Alsayadi

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The book contains a collection of influential short stories that reveal many social and moral concepts and behaviors.
The author takes us on an enjoyable journey through stories that have a dramatic, social, and emotional plot in the folds and complexities of the human psyche.
They are stories about the psychological and physical pain that people with chronic diseases suffer from, as well as the psychological struggle in order to accept the disease and live with it.
They are stories about life, about women and their position in the society, their struggle for self-realization. They are stories about the eternal struggle between good and evil, and controlling instincts, in a narrative style characterized by the simplicity of the language used and the depth of the content.

Name: Afaf Ali Alsayadi.
Martial status: single.
Academic qualification: Bachelor's degree in medical laboratories, Faculty of Medicine, Sana'a University.
A Yemeni woman, born in Doha, currently working and residing in Qatar. She has loved reading and writing since childhood.

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