10 Facts About Direct Selling

Laszlo Kocso

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Are you tired of the nonsense, stereotypical talk and double talk?

Are you tired of the scams of unprofessional, pushy direct sales reps?

Would you like to give yourself the opportunity once and for all to see clearly the business venture associated with direct selling?

This book is not about why you should also work in direct selling, but rather aims to help you make an objective decision, whether to accept or reject, realistically and without any pressure.

László Kócsó has been working in direct selling for over thirteen years and has delivered lectures on direct selling in thirty-three countries on four continents.

And in the 27 years of the history of the company he represents, he has been the quickest to reach the highest level and rank in it.

When this book appeared, his direct selling team had more than 100,000 members worldwide.

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