Best Seller Books in June: A Month of Literary Richness

June has been filled with literary delights catering to a wide of tastes. From gripping thrillers to heartwarming romances; enlightening biographies to inventive fiction, the choices have been vast. For those seeking, we’ve rounded up the must-haves from this month.


Genre: Biographies & Memoirs, Personal Biographies

An Exploration into a Profound Life Journey

In “This Is Me,” readers are offered an intimate and honest portrayal of the life of Professor Shuaa Hashem Al-Youssef. The two chapters contained in this memoir provide an insightful analysis of her life’s key moments and philosophical discoveries.

Chapter 1: A Chronological Insight into the Life of Shuaa

The first chapter, entitled “The Biographical Biography of Professor Shuaa Hashem Al-Youssef,” explores the events of her life from birth onwards. The author delves into family roles and circumstances that have shaped her thinking and behaviour. Among the pillars that have guided her life are cleanliness, order, continuous learning, love, mercy, and generous charity.

The writer’s belief in the all-encompassing mercy and love of God Almighty shines through, urging readers to practice these virtues in their lives.

Chapter 2: A Philosophical Discovery

 The second chapter, “Intangible Discoveries I Was Fascinated With During My Life’s Journey,” offers answers to many questions that have occupied the author’s thoughts. These explorations reveal moral and intellectual discoveries about herself and the people close to her.

“This Is Me” is more than just a memoir; it’s an insightful exploration of human emotions, growth, and spirituality. It’s undoubtedly one of the best books to read for those interested in personal biographies.


Genre: Fiction, Short Stories

A Unique Take on Modern Courtship

“Dear Suitor” is a fictional short story collection that brings to light the unique cultural courtship rituals in Kuwait. Following the universally acknowledged truth that a single Kuwaiti woman must be in search of a husband, the book narrates the awkward meetings and engagements in the pursuit of love.

The protagonist’s experience of meeting potential candidates is both amusing and poignant. Through her encounters, the reader gets a vivid picture of the societal pressures, expectations, and quirks that accompany the search for a spouse in Kuwait. The book turns these often-awkward situations into entertaining anecdotes and relatable emotions.

Whether you’re familiar with Kuwaiti culture or new to it, “Dear Suitor” is an engaging read that offers a refreshing perspective on love, relationships, and cultural norms. It stands tall among the best seller books for its authenticity, wit, and charm.

June has been a remarkable month for literature with these two extraordinary additions. Both “This Is Me” and “Dear Suitor” have earned their places on the best-seller books list with their originality, depth, and allure.

For readers seeking to understand profound personal experiences or those who want a fresh fictional narrative on love and relationships, these books should not be missed. Make them your next picks, and immerse yourself in the delightful worlds they present.


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