Best Children’s Books to Keep Your Kids Hooked this Summer

Best Children’s Books to Keep Your Kids Hooked this Summer

As bookcases are relegated to the storage spaces, calendars are being thrown out of the window, and the sun bathing everything in the most beautiful glow, it’s the perfect time to focus on books that match the mood. Easy-going, relaxing, nature-soaked stories are at the top of the reading list for families to relish with kids this time of the year.

The summer months are a wonderful time to adapt to reading for kids instead of running away from it. Are you heading on a beach trip with your kids, then get a fantastic picture book on the ocean or sandcastles and browse through it while at the beach. Have a picnic lunch? Take a book to read to your kids as you enjoy the perfect family time. Also, if you’re enjoying a popsicle break, you’ve got the concept. Bring your children in to enjoy an excellent read-aloud as the icy treats pour down their chins.

There are many wonderful summer books for kids to enjoy the lazy, fun, sun-filled days. These are some of our top children’s books to enjoy this summer.

Adam Has a New Neighbour

Adam’s new neighbor, Aziza, is a fantastic football player. When he sees her in the match, he fathoms whether there is more to her story. Grab a copy to know how Aziza is genuinely gifted and unique.


Blossoming Kindness

Do you sometimes find yourself consumed with negative thoughts about others or even yourself? We’ll tell you that you’re not the only one. You can develop into a kind and more conscious person when you perform regular actions of compassion.

Grandpa Hadid will guide you through the weeklong trip with his four grandkids, Nayyirah, Adam, Milly, and Ty, to nurture tolerance, kindness, compassion, and empathy. Learn the meaning behind using your heart, mind, and hands to create a better world for all in this book.


Expo 2020 Dubai Mascots Activity Book

This vibrant and engaging book infused with activities, games, quizzes, and many other activities is an excellent learning resource for children from 6 to 9 years old. From the book, you’ll get to discover everything Expo 2020 Dubai offers. Also, you will learn about exciting technological developments in the environment, energy, and space travel.

Additionally, you will meet some fantastic characters, including the guardians of the Expo, Opti, Alif, and Terra, and your guides Latifa and Rashid, who will guide you the way around.


I Am a Special Kid

This is an educational story about bullying. A group of children in school bullied Issam, but he was able to surmount this issue with the help of his teacher. All of us must learn that the difference between individuals’ shapes, colors, and size is nothing to be ashamed about but a feature from God that differentiates us all. Now all the students want to be Issam’s friends. What solution did the teacher think of? Discover more by reading this story.

Lennie & the Three Paper Boats

A golden ticket transforms dreams into nightmares as Lennie gets trapped on a stormy island. Will she be able to muster the courage and determination to realize her dreams? To find out, grab a copy here.



Naas – The Brainy Falcon

Naas is an intelligent falcon with a trustworthy companion, Monk, a smart and imaginative monkey that plays an integral part in Naas’s clever rescue strategies. This book will inspire children’s imagination as they ponder bullying, infidelity, greed, and disobedience in a gentle manner.



Glimpse of Jordan

In these pages, our protagonists are lime-plaster statues of Ain Ghazal. They travel from Irbid, the bride of the north, and then to Mafraq city. There, they will meet the desert jewel, Umm Al Jimal. The enchanting sounds of bagpipes draw the Gazelles to journey from Ayyubid Rabad Castle in beautiful Ajloun and on towards the fertile and vast desert of Jerash. The Gazelles reconnect with their family members in Zarqa and then visit Al-Azraq Palace, basking in the lush oasis where birds that migrate thrive, and it is where the Arabian Oryx found its home. They come across an oasis of Zarqa, where their amazing civilization first came to illumination. However, the roads keep calling to them, taking them through Al-Salt’s historical markets and the abstract yellow mosaic houses.

The Friendship of the Peacock and the Wolf

A peacock is in danger by a lion discovers an unlikely hero. When the peacock sets off searching for the wolf that helped save his life, he discovers an unorthodox persona in the body of the fierce animal. This leads to an encounter that will alter life for the two of them. Read this captivating story here.


Sana and the Bees

To prepare for a presentation on bees, Sana visited her father’s farm with a friend to learn the details about them. Sana enjoyed herself a lot at the farm and got a present from her dad’s best friend, and it was bees. Sana went home happy and cared for the bees. However, after a few months, she revisited her dad’s friend. What made Sana visit her dad’s old friend? Learn the details regarding Sana and the Bees.

If you’re a fan of the same #SummerGoals, check out these children’s books to find out which titles kept your child’s interest more than the time it takes for their popsicles to melt.

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