Author Feature – Rania Namer Eitah

Author Feature - Rania Nimer Eitah

Austin Macauley’s Rania Namer Eitah is a renowned writer who writes novels, stories, poetry, and prose. She is featured in this edition of Austin Macauley’s author spotlight.

She has a bachelor’s Degree in English from Damascus University and was born in Syria in 1981. She also has a postgraduate certificate in Education from Damascus University, teaches English, and works as a human development trainer.

Her novels are perfect for a cold winter afternoon or weekend when you want something captivating. Having the ideal list of books this holiday season when you have some extra time off is essential.

Eitha’s novels are perfect and must-reads. They are all conveniently available on the Austin Macauley website, so you can purchase them easily. Let’s check out some of her novels:

Rania Namer Eitah Books You Must Check Out

These books range from romance, adventure, and poetry to beautiful prose. Her collection of books is varied and contains exciting characters that will hold your attention until you finish the book.

To make it easier, we have listed each of her books with a brief description of each. Do check them out when you get a chance.

1.      For the Beloved

For the Beloved is a beautiful book of short prose that examines human nature and the different masks or faces we put on during our life. Our relationships with loved ones require us to behave differently, and Eitah captures that beautifully in this book of short stories. If you want something that is not a long novel, then this collection of stories is perfect for you.



2.      Love Pirate

Love Pirate is a collection of exquisite poems that explores different human emotions. It is one of the more famous works of poetry by Eitah and is about 100 pages. Poetry often invokes feelings and thoughts that the written word cannot. If you want to read something that delves deeper into the human psyche, this is the book for you.



3.      The Echo of Words

This book of prose explores the power of words and how they can harm different people. The book goes through a journey of other phrases and emotions attached to the written word. This is the perfect book if you travel and want to get lost in expressive phrases and words. The book is excellent if you want to learn what impact your comments can have on the ordinary person and what it feels like to  receive these words. You can purchase the book in electronic format as well.


4.      Zeina in City Center

This romantic book will captivate you immediately. Zeina had special powers to capture anyone who met her. Behind those mysterious eyes lies a more profound truth you can only discover if you read the book.




5.      The Tears of the Witch

This thrilling book will leave you turning the page to find out what happens next. The book features Clara, who meets a little girl that changes her life. Buy the book to find out more about Clara and her secretive adventure.




6.      Zaina

This adventure and romance novel features a girl named Zaina. She will captivate you from the minute you meet her. Whoever meets her will be taken aback by her eyes and wonder what lies behind their enigmatic impression. Her eyes shield a unique city full of secrets. This paperback is also available in electronic format.



Rania Namer Eitah

This great list of Eitah books and novels will create the perfect reading list for your holiday season. Start early and buy them today so you are ready when you make that trip or plan a relaxing getaway.

Your trip will not be complete without some fantastic reads, and this list has it all!

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