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Bibliophiles can never get enough of reading and are always on the hunt for new books!

Reading contributes to your growth, challenges your perspective, and allows you to experience multiple realities. The benefits of reading are countless. If you are a bibliophile and looking for new books to read, then this blog is definitely for you.

Check out our list of upcoming releases that we’re certain you won’t be able to put down. Each one is a unique, enlightening and a thought-provoking read that will enrich your mind.

Is Life as We Know It? by Palak and Pooja

The inimitable authors Palak and Pooja co-wrote an astounding and thought-provoking book that will make you question your lifestyle, the choices you make in life and how you comprehend your existence. It will compel you to re-evaluate everything that you think you know.

The book is composed of immensely beguiling messages that whisper the secrets of the universe!

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A Piece of Fabric by Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Qanbar


A Piece of Fabric is a crime novel creatively penned down by the adroit author Khalid Bin Khalifa Al-Qanbar.

The novel brings forth a heartfelt message of holding on to the hope that there is always light after dark. Things that appear bad at the time eventually lead to something good or the things that are sighted as bad can even be a blessing in disguise. This very creative novel aims to ground optimism in the readers.

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What Do You Know About My Love, Baby? by Shaikhah Kaseb

This upcoming release is a romance novel by the talented author Shaikhah Kaseb, offering the very definition of love and acquainting you with its fathomlessness. The novel is a series of romantic sentences and poems between the two lovers. It encompasses the richness of emotions, struggles, and passion.

The book will help you realise the value of love and elucidates that love is a blessed gift inside our hearts and it is immoral to go against its blessed soul. One should never exploit their lovers and loved ones. It fixates on the fact that everyone deserves to love and be loved.

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