Engineering Project Management Highlighted from Design to Execution

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This book talks about the management of engineering projects and construction during all their important stages, starting from the designing stage and going through the preparation and project proposal stages until the final project completion. It also talks about what these stages include in terms of danger, obstacles, solutions, requirements and work plans. The routine method in explaining project management has not been used, rather this method usually focuses on the theoretical side in analysing and presenting information. Instead, this book is enriched by a coherent management methodology for all stages, which is supported by practical calculations and examples to reach the best possible results during project execution in reality.
The book also talks about:

• The reasons for hindering engineering projects.

• The project owner’s mistakes.

• The project contractor’s mistakes.

• The project consultant’s mistakes.

• CPM.

• Variation Orders.

• Cost management and price analysis.

• The method of creating a schedule on paper.

• The method of creating a schedule using planning programs.

• Risk management in engineering projects.

• Full-quality applications.

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من مواليد الأردن عام 1978. أنهى دراسته الجامعية بالأردن، وتخرج من الجامعة الأردنية من تخصص الهندسة المعمارية.عمل كمهندس معماري في مجال المقاولات والاستشارات الهندسية. حاصل على درجة الماجستير في إدارة الإنشاءات. مصنف لدى نقابة المهندسين الأردنيين كمهندس معماري محترف في مجال إدارة المشاريع الهندسية.

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