Trending Right Now: Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish


Yet another Austin Macauley Publishers novel is trending right now! This romance title named For the Bound Hearts is so gripping that once you start, you won’t be able to stop!

It’s one of the best starry-eyed novels that will not only take you into the world of love but can also help readers deal with their own painful situations.

Author Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish recently hosted a book signing event during Sharjah International Book Fair, where attendees admired her inspirational session and the book received high praise. For the bound hearts is an extremely well-written book that keeps the reader engaged in the story throughout.

Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish explores emotions of disappointment and sadness, and how these feelings can often stop us from getting on with our lives. This is a well-written expressive book which Tasneem states is a blending of the ink, emotions, tears and personal sincere feelings. The author claims that this book will not only touch the heart of readers but help them to find their true-selves, and cope with life’s difficulties and painful experiences.

She encourages and supports her readers to make sure nothing obscures their way towards healing after having wrenching experiences. The book is available in eBook and paperback.

On the 10th of September, 1994, the author Tasneem Zeyad Abu Shawish was born in Palestine but grew up and resided in the United Arab Emirates. She started her career in an educational section in the UAE. Tasneem loves to write and believes that writing is the best way to let out words and memories long-standing in our minds.

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