Top Social Media Marketing Trends for Authors


“I don’t think social media is evil. I think it is a tool just like everything else.”

– John Meese


Today, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the importance of social media on our day to day lives. Social Media is a great tool for marketing and when executed well can lead to great success for marketing promotion. Social Media Marketing is playing a vital role for every small and large business.

Social Media Marketing helps to establish a strong and fruitful relationship with potential customers. Brand awareness, affordable advertisement, worldwide reach, improved engagement and conversion rates and communication authority are the perks of social media marketing. All of which you as an author can take advantage of. It’s not as scary as it sounds… we promise.

There’s no denying that social media is easily accessible for everyone these days, it can be very beneficial for both, aspiring and established authors. We can understand writing a book is a challenging task, which requires intense amounts of creativity and skill. Therefore, as a writer, you deserve appreciation and acknowledgement from the world.

There are many social networking sites which can be helpful for authors, Here are the top 5 social networking sites for both fiction and non-fiction writers:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. LinkedIn
  5. YouTube

Every social networking site has different trends for promotions and marketing. Below we will be revealing some incredible tips and trends for each platform to help you, as a talented author discover and make the most out of these channels.

Facebook Marketing Trends:

Everyone is aware of the popularity of Facebook. The vast amount of users (1.79 billion) means that there is an audience for everyone, including authors.

Creating an author’s fan page can be beneficial for the promotion of your books and writings. This page will allow you to easily interact with your fans and keep your readers engaged through posting thought-provoking discussions. You can share their unique thoughts and writing styles or the chapter excerpts from your books to attract readers. You can also give updates about different events such as book signings, book launch, reading sessions and interviews.

Readers love to be a part of your personal life. So, keep giving them a glimpse of your daily activities through Facebook stories allows them to have quick and access to the ‘behind the scenes’ of their favourite author.

Giveaways are another great way to attract new reader, everyone wants something for free so would happily share your post for a chance of winning a free/signed copy of your book. This means that their friends will see your post, which could attract new readers.

Instagram Marketing Trends:

Instagram is famous for its outstanding features to promote content. You have slaved over ensuring you picked the right cover for your book, this is the ideal platform to show it off!

Although the benefits of Instagram for authors does not stop at the cover of your book. You can post pictures of your writing stations or what book you are currently reading, or post a picture from any book events you attended or hosted. Even posting quotes from your book is a great way to attract readers on this platform.

The Instagram story feature provides a great opportunity to interact with readers via various built-in features. You can conduct live reading and Q&A sessions.

All of these ways are great opportunities to boost book sales.

Twitter Marketing Trends:

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms used around the globe. Millions of people use Twitter daily. Authors have a special relationship with Twitter to promote their books, as Twitter is more popular way to share knowledge with the world – a great opportunity for Non-Fiction writers to connect with their audience.

Using relevant emoticons can make your tweets stand out and attract your followers. Interactive polls and gifs work well on Twitter so do not forget to add these, as with millions of people on the platform it is important to ensure your tweets stand out as much as possible.


  • You can follow other writers to gain genuine followers.
  • Announcing your live streams with the link and time on Twitter will let more readers join your stream.
  • Live broadcasting on Twitter does wonders as Twitter shows them on the top of your followers’ feed. Using relevant and popular hashtags help expand your reach.


LinkedIn Marketing Trends:

Linked is well-known for resumes and job postings. However, it is a powerful platform to create effective lead generations and allows authors to build strong professional networks.

As it is very helpful to develop professional brand awareness, you can use your LinkedIn profile to promote your author events and interviews. Creating a writing group in LinkedIn can help improve your writing skills and facilitates in showcasing your talent to others. Groups can also be very helpful in developing a strong image of your books.

An appealing lengthy interactive post tends to perform better on LinkedIn. Use this platform as a way to demonstrate your knowledge around the subject of your book and build creditability.


YouTube Marketing Trends:

When it comes to video marketing, YouTube is always the first platform that comes to one’s mind. It is not only a social media platform but is also a constructive search engine that provides users with a huge variety of videos on different topics.

‘Book Cover Reveal’ videos, book trailers, short videos with the book excerpts are great ways to promote your book. Sharing a 360 degree video which shows the book from all directions will attract readers. YouTube is considered as the best place for learning, therefore this platform is ideal for you to share ‘How to’ videos about writing to help the many aspiring authors out there.

YouTube live streams have 8 times greater engagement rate as compared to a normal video. Authors can host Q&A sessions and podcasts in their live streams. Visual storytelling can also attract viewers.

Sharing your writing journey and struggles with the viewers through a video can leave a great impact on the audience.


We hope that these trends will be helpful for all the aspiring and established authors to boost their social media presences. So, hurry up authors and get connected to the world.

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