Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Publish Your Book With Austin Macauley in 2020!


Austin Macauley Publishers commenced with an aim to provide a publishing platform for all the aspiring authors and young writers to get published regularly. In today’s world, it’s really hard for new writers to get published owing to the high standards and limited opportunities provided by big publishers in the book publishing industry.

Austin Macauley Publishers are an equal opportunity publishing company which provide new authors or already published ones with no restrictions and several opportunities so that they can get published with complete confidence. We also cater to the widest variety of different genres of the books. We always guide and support our authors at every step of the publication process and deliver excellent marketing services as well ensuring that your book gets the biggest outreach in the market.

We are proud to have an impressive catalogue of many high-quality titles ever since we started our operations. Our authors come from diverse backgrounds and many of them are well reputed individuals in their fields and professions. Many of our celebrated authors have already won several awards and accolades and some were even awarded prestigious civil awards by their home country’s governments.

Over the years, we have amassed many books and added new genres such as crime, thrillers, sci-fi, contemporary, memoirs, humour among many others. We have dedicated section for book submissions that is broadly categorised as fiction or non-fiction. Our fiction genres include the previously mentioned ones while the non-fiction genres include travel, religion, educational, health and wellbeing, lifestyle sports and leisure, history, autobiographies and many others.

Therefore, you can gather now that Austin Macauley is a well-rounded publishing house with several years of experience and provides the literary freedom for every author and creative writer in the world. We handle all our submissions with utmost responsibility and diligence so that your hard work shines through our published pages!

If you are interested in becoming a published author or even considering to start writing, you should recognise Austin Macauley Publishers. Below, we explain why we should be your ultimate choice.

  •     Hybrid Publishing

Austin Macauley use the unique model of hybrid publishing in which authors can publish their book with the help of our expertise and services such as editing, cover design, illustration, marketing and distribution etc. This way, the burden is divided and the writer or author does not have to cover all the aspects of publishing themselves which is also called self-publishing.

After the authors send their submission to us, we take the original manuscript and starts the review process. If the quality of the writing is up to par, we go through the next steps after approval of the authors. We have streamlined the process of publishing so that you can find all the services at the same place and no need to look elsewhere.

  • Global Outreach

With our presence in three continents having offices in London, Cambridge (UK), New York (US) and Sharjah (UAE), your book will get the best outreach in the global perspective. In addition, we have the best marketing teams that ensure that word about your new book reaches through every platform including print, electronic and social media channels. We also have our distributions in Ireland, Australia, New Zealand and Canada so rest assured that your book will get the visibility it deserves in a crowded industry.

  • Marketing – The Game Changer! 

Our marketing teams regularly visit and attend almost every literary event, book fair or festival happening every year around the world. Our international publishing director, Jade Robertson, is always present at one of the events and also acts as the company’s ambassador.

So, be prepared to be the centre of attention. Our innovative marketing strategies will make sure that people remember your name when they get to read your book as the author of a masterpiece. We also help in arranging various book signing or book reading events for our authors and also highlight their appearances on radio/television interviews or their book reviews on the web. This helps in promotion and advertising of your book so that the book sells itself in a matter of months.

We also do authors’ meet and greet, charity events, Q&A sessions and other promotional campaigns to ensure that new authors can ne benefited from networking with more experienced authors and it ultimately helps in selling more copies of their books.

Austin Macauley Publishers work consistently to provide the best book publishing services to the authors who work day and night to see their dream becoming a reality. It’s time for you to get the ball rolling and start the best journey of your life as a published author.

Austin Macauley Publishers – “Best Book Publishers In the UAE!”

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