Top 10 Booktubers You Shouldn’t Miss

Top 10 Booktubers

“There is no surer foundation for a beautiful friendship than a mutual taste in literature.”

P.G. Wodehouse


Since the evolution of web 2.0 in 2004, everything has become centred around user-generated content, especially  visual content. Many book clubs, storytelling sessions and book review discussions have moved  to the online world as well. Nowadays, people post photos of their latest reads on Instagram as well as  sell their books online.  Publishers like Austin Macauley tend to offer electronic book copies and cooperate with different YouTubers to review and expose  new releases. To view Austin Macauley Publisher’s latest releases, kindly click here.

There are 2.3 billion active, monthly YouTube users. This makes it the main channel for marketing books Here’s a list of the most entertaining Arab booktubers (video bloggers) who are worth subscribing to their channels:

Sami Al Batati – سامي البطاطي

Sami Al Batati, a well-known YouTuber from Saudi Arabia has  a YouTube channel of 275K subscribers. He is a writer and avid book reader who won at the famous IReadAwards in 2019. He’s concerned with reviewing books, and he is used to engaging with his book-centric audience. He also conducts  regular Q&A sessions on his channel named: Shadow of a book –  ظل كتاب. Sami’s channel is one of the most entertaining channels  about  book reviews and book marketing. In addition to being a YouTuber, Sami has  a huge following  on Instagram and Facebook as well, which keeps him accessible to all his subscribers and book lovers.

Betaa El Kotob – بتاع الكُتب

Betaa El Kotob is a Cairo-based YouTuber with 75.9K subscribers on his YouTube channel. He is well-recognized for reviewing trending books and giving a few book briefs. He has a strong fan base on Facebook and Instagram and acts on readers’ book recommendations.


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Akhdar – أخضر

If you don’t have the time to read a book a day, Akhdar is here to offer you a creative solution. Akhdar is an authentic book summarization YouTube channel. It summarizes books using animations to make it easy for you to read and cut down the time needed to read the book completely. Using vibrant visuals and animations, Akhdar has managed to have 1.14 million subscribers. Now, they are expanding to a mobile application to help the book lovers. They are also investing in those who want to give book reviews.. Akhdar started in Egypt and now expanding.

Salefni Ketab – سلفني كتاب

Salefni Ketab or Lend me a book is a YouTube channel with 67.5K subscribers and reviews Arabic novels. Seif Habashi, the YouTuber behind the channel, is not afraid to be himself. His content is completely authentic and professional.

El Zatoona – الزتونة

El Zatoona means the olive in the Arabic language and it’s a synonym for the expressions, in a nutshell. It is a YouTube channel for book reviews run  by Michael Rashid, a bookworm dedicated to books and influencing young Egyptians by guiding them to read more. His YouTube channel has 1.42 million subscribers. He keeps on spreading positive energy that he became an icon for optimism in the Arab YouTube world.

Khair Jalees – خير جليس

Khair Jalees is a non-profitable initiative that aims to spread knowledge and integrate hobby of reading to all Arabic speakers. It does so by summarizing the best-selling and influential books and presenting them in a simplified way to the watcher using whiteboard technology. They also do podcasts and share their content across different digital channels. Khair Jalees is a channel of 281K subscribers and is based in the United Arab Emirates.

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Nedal Reads – قراءات نضال

Nedal Reads is a YouTube channel run by an active young girl who is fond of reading. She has managed to gain 253K subscribers who are completely overwhelmed with her impressive way of reviewing books. Nedal has many followers on social networks and runs a book club named Nedal Reading Book. Her channel provides her subscribers with recaps about the books she reads. Nedal always stays up to date with the newest and best books.

Eithar Al-dibs – إيثار الدِبس

Eithar Al Dibs, is a TEDx speaker, YouTuber and a social influencer  with  an active base on social media. She is on the road to gain as many subscribers for her rich content reviewing books on YouTube. Eithar is a dentist who is into reading and reviews books as  a hobby. She also creates short films. Her Instagram feed is a piece of art.

Menel Akher – من الآخر

Run by Mai Magdy, Menel Akher YouTube channel has 27.7K subscribers who wait for Mai’s weekly episode every Friday at 10 PM (UTC+4). Mai has a likeable attitude in front of the camera.  You can notice her Egyptian sense of humor quite easily. Mai is also active on Goodreads and has her listings and active book reviews on the platform.

The Novelist – الروائي

The Novelist is  a YouTube channel run by the Egyptian YouTuber, Amr, who is into Arabic and translated novels. Concerned with historical novels, book roundups, recommendations and reviews, Amr is considered one of the most talented book influencers to follow. The Novelist has 34.4K subscribers.

In a nutshell, making use of the current digital channels is a perk, and whoever makes use of them is smart enough to make use of the opportunity. Following the latest technological trends and adapting our habits to it, is a form of evolution. This evolution  can lead us to a smart world where knowledge is accessible by all and for all. This is why, Austin Macauley Publishers has invested in digital channels and has been engaging with different book influencers and book bloggers to stay on top after 15 years of active publishing. If you are an aspiring writer, submit your writing with us and pave way for your dream of becoming a published writer come true.


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