Tips for Kids to Read Books During Summer Holidays


It comes as no surprise that children love summer holidays! Being free of restraints of going to school every day and being able to relax is a valuable part of growing up. The regular reading that is a part of many children’s school day suddenly comes to an end as there are far more interesting things to do during summer vacation than read a book.
After a long vacation, the ability of reading may be affected due to the lack of book reading and getting information from their teachers, therefore it’s necessary to encourage our children to read during their holidays. The following tips may become handy to inspire your kids to read books in this time:

  1. Make it Interesting to Read Books

    Read together in a funny way, act the story by funny voices and expressions to your children, read for them humorous books to engage their minds. Try to make the reading session for 10 minutes and increase their passion to come back tomorrow.

  2. Plan Visits to Libraries and Bookstores

    Plan a visit to bookstores and libraries. Make it a part of the family’s routine as these trips easily increase the children’s passion for reading. Teach them how to borrow books and what are the offers that they can get it from the bookstores and libraries.

  3. Let Them Choose Books

    The most important thing in the reading process is the book choice. Let them have it which in turn will not let them lose interest. Try to let them access a book in their reading level that will prepare them to be strong readers in future.

  4. Make a Book Reading Atmosphere at Home

    During the family reading routine, prepare for a special atmosphere e.g. lamps, special books light this will add the value to reading time.

  5. Give Them Books as Gifts

    Present them books that they want to read as gifts. Encourage your child to lend and swap their books with their family and friends. This would inspire them to gain an interest in books.

  6. Read with Them

    Reading together will inspire kids to read. It’s a great idea to give them the option of how they would like to read. Provide the opportunity for children to choose whether they would like to read aloud or silently. Check if they would like to try paired reading or if they feel like they need extra support with the book.

    The most supportive strategies to inspire a kid to read is reading together and give them the option to read silently or aloud. Also, you can offer them a paired reading if they like it.


    When your children cannot know the meaning of a word or a sentence, remember to:

    Wait: Give them the option to figure out the word and let them have time to guess
    Ask: Discuss with them about the meaning and ask them is it making sense to them

Working with your child to maintain good reading habits during their school break allows you to not only establish your kids as active readers but will give them the best possible start for when they return to school.