Tips on How to Effectively Promote Your Book on Social Media

As social media continues to gain popularity, it has changed the way writers connect with their readers and do book marketing. Now we see all kinds of fiction and non-fiction books being promoted on different platforms. Some online marketing campaigns really help the authors and are truly successful in terms of creating awareness. However, not every campaign works. A well-thought-out and effective social media marketing strategy is what makes the difference.

You might be wondering how to effectively promote your book on social media. As a writer, you wrote the book and now your work is done. Shouldn’t your publisher and marketing team take care of the rest? No. You must be hands-on in this process to turn it into a huge success.

We’ll give you some fantastic tips on how to develop an effective social media marketing campaign for your book.

Use TikTok to Build an Audience 

There are currently over 1 BILLION active users on TikTok and if you think it’s for teenagers and all about dancing, then you might be missing out on a huge opportunity for your book marketing and promotion. There are two really cool things about TikTok that makes it a perfect place for authors to promote their books:

  1. TikTok users create communities, and one of them is #BookTok which is for readers, authors, and basically anyone who loves to talk about books.
  2. On TikTok, if you create attention-grabbing videos, you have the potential to reach thousands of people in no time, and not just those who follow you like many of the other social media platforms.

Create Great Promotional Content

As a writer, you may think that creating a fan page and interacting with them would be enough, but that’s not the drill anymore. You have to be the one triggering interaction with your audience through the most effective platforms, and you’ll be able to achieve that with great promotional content published regularly.

Start a Facebook Contest

To show some appreciation to your Facebook followers for supporting you on your journey, you can give away a few copies of your book. It’s super easy! Simply ask them to share why they want the book, tag a friend who would also like it, and send free copies to the winners.

Start an Instagram Campaign

Instagram provides many opportunities to successfully promote books through images, tags, live videos, stories, comments, and connections. This brings a great opportunity for authors to keep the readers updated and connect with them by giving them a little sneak peek into their lives and upcoming projects. So use Instagram well!

Offer a Free Chapter

Free chapters offer deep insights into the storyline and what the book is all about. So a free introductory chapter can also be a valuable marketing strategy.

Use Medium

Medium is an amazing platform for authors as it allows them to publish content and share it with a large reading audience. It’s like having your own new blog, but the only difference is that the audience is already there and you don’t have to worry about the traffic as much.

Instead of sharing promotional posts on Medium, you should be sharing high-quality content related to the niche of your book so that it triggers people’s interest in you and what you have to say in your book.

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