2018, A Memorable Year For Austin Macauley Publishers.


On the occasion of New Year, 2019, Team Austin Macauley Publishers wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We wish you success and good luck for the year 2019 and hope that this new year brings a lot of happiness and good books in your life.

Austin Macauley Publishers was founded in 2006 in London, UK. Since the beginning, Austin Macauley has worked with immense determination to find unique and talented authors from all over the world and help them in getting published. Over the years, we have discovered a lot of great authors and produced many amazing books and literary masterpieces. To work more closely and efficiently with the authors from all over the world, we decided to expand our network and opened offices in New York City in the USA and Sharjah City in UAE, and very soon another office of the company will be inaugurated in Sydney, Australia. All of this expansions helped us in putting a distinctive mark in the publishing industry, locally and internationally.

The main objective of the company’s existence in Sharjah is to facilitate every writer who has the talent of writing and wants to get published. Austin Macauley Publishers offers complete support to its talented authors which enables them to produce unique and distinguished books that leave an everlasting mark in the reader’s mind of the Arab regions.

Austin Macauley publishes books in both Arabic and English languages from various literary genres, such as Children’s books, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Self-Help and Personal-Development books, Novels, Science books, Biographies and Historical books etc.

2018 was a successful year in every aspect for Austin Macauley Publishers as we participated in many national and international book fairs, seminars and festivals.

Austin Macauley participated in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and had a memorable experience. During the book fair, our stall was visited by numerous great authors and visitors and we had a wonderful time interacting with them. The visitors took great interest in our books and got the copies of their favourite books from the stall.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival was also a unique experience for us. The festival witnessed a great number of audience, many cultural activities were organised including drawing, painting and book reading for visitors, children and their families.

Austin Macauley Publishers also took part in the third largest book fair in the world, the Sharjah International Book Fair, which included the participation of 77 countries, more than 160 million titles, hundreds of International book Publishers and distributors and thousands of authors, literary activists and book enthusiast. The festival involved many cultural activities and seminars. Many of the book lovers visited Austin Macauley’s stall to see the diverse and excellent variety of books. They interacted with their favourite authors and got the signed copies of their books for themselves. Austin Macauley Publishers participated in many cultural sessions and discussions during the exhibition.


Austin Macauley Publisher at Sharjah Book Fair 2018


One of the most unforgettable moments of the year 2018 was when the great American Weekly Magazine classified Austin Macauley as the fastest growing publishing house, where the company overcame many of its competitors because of the quality work produced. The growth rate of the company as compared to other publishing houses in the recent years is 330%.

Read the full article by Publishers Weekly:  Fastest Growing Publishers 2018.

Austin Macauley Publishers are keen to enrich the Arab region with culture. So, in addition to English books, we have begun the production of books in Arabic, which will soon be published at the beginning of the year 2019. These books are of different literary genres, including the famous novels: ‘I Believed You’ by Laila Bashar Al-Kloub, ‘The Knowledge and the Concepts of Creation Between Heritage and Modernity’ by the creative writer A Abdulrahman Omar Faheel Elbum, ‘Ahmed’s Dreams ‘by Ahmed Ashujaa, ‘Return to Death’ by Sami Mohammed Hussain, ‘The Lonely Amman’s River’ by Shahd Ismail Hussein, and many great upcoming books such as ‘Friends’ Pact’, ‘The Silence of London’, ‘The Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking’ and the featured children’s book, ‘How a Whale and a Moon Helped Me’.

For more information about upcoming books, click here.

In 2019, Austin Macauley Publishers are determined to keep on producing the quality work. We intend to produce many Arabic and English titles in the Arab Area, where they will be distinguished as highly selective books in the publishing industry of the Arab world. To expand our reach further, Austin Macauley Publishers will continue to participate in the upcoming book fairs, exhibitions, seminars and cultural events.

We hope that you are having a wonderful time celebrating the New Year and we wish that you achieve all your goals and dreams in 2019. It’s time to begin a new great story, Happy New Year.

Austin Macauley Publishers – “Where Every Great Story Begins.”

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Sharjah Publishing City and Its Role to Facilitate the Book Publishing Companies


Sharjah Publishing City opened its doors last year in October. The publishing city is the first free zone of its type. The facility provides a tax-free setting for publishing houses, publishing companies, printers, distributors and other associated businesses. It is a tax free provision for the companies associated to book publishing business to operate as completely independent businesses without the liability of taxes.

The publishing city in Sharjah covers an area of 19,000 sq. meters, providing warehouses and office places to publishing companies from all around the world.

Sharjah Publishing City is playing an important role in bolstering the publishing industry as a whole. You can now publish a book with leading book publishers from UK and US while living in the middle east. The leading book publisher of UK and US which is ranked as the fastest growing publisher in US, Austin Macauley Publishers is one of the initial companies to establish their office in the SPC. The publishing city is now the most preferred destination of businesses related to book publishing and serves as a pivot point for them.

How is Sharjah Publishing City Facilitating Publishing Companies?


  • The facility can accommodate 550 companies in every manner. The Publishing companies are provided with furnished offices, conference rooms, store facilities and a huge data centre. The spaces are equipped with latest technology that business owners need to be successful.
  • Entrepreneurs who plan to set up their offices in Sharjah Publishing City can get their space at a cost as low as AED 1350 and this includes the utility bills as well. The amenities being provided to the companies include: office spaces, car parking, clean areas and pre-built warehouses.
  • The authorities have minimized the legal requirements to set up a business there and the companies are being given a leasing contract of 25 years that can be renewed.
  • The provision of acquiring business licence is 24 hours open and the companies can employee all employees of their own choice.
  • SPC offers large scale printing presses and low printing costs for publishing houses around the clock. The publishing companies are able to avail airfreight and shipping services to transport their production on competitive prices. The companies can easily distribute books around UAE while obtaining permits within a short span of time.
  • Stationed in the publishing hub, the publishing companies have a strategic access to the markets in Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa.
  • The location of the publishing city makes it an ideal place for import and export. The cost of accommodation for the workers in the city is very low and there is provision of all facilities for the employees.
  • The international companies making their offices in SPC will be able to access different educational institutes in university cities of UAE which can help them capitalize by working on academic books on a large scale.
  • The publishing city is now house to Sharjah Book Authority, Emirates Publishers Association, Emirates Writers Union, Arab Writers Union, Children’s Book Association and the Emirates Library Association and Information. This makes it easy for the international book publishing companies to connect with the authorities at hand.
  • The publishing companies are not liable to pay any taxes to the state and can send all their income back home. Local sponsorship for the staff and e-visa services are being provided for the smooth functioning of these international companies.


The initiative of His Highness Sheikh Dr. Sultan bin Muhammad Al Qasimi, the ruler of Sharjah has opened up an array of prospects for publishing companies in the region. The Sharjah Publishing City is fulfilling the needs of business related to publishing completely.

The initiative will motivate an environment of cultural and scientific research and importance of reading, making the city as the publishing powerhouse of the region. If you think that you are a good writer and intend to publish a book of your own, big publishers like Austin Macauley are some kilometres away. Austin Macauley Online Publishers accepts manuscripts online, so send us your work today and become a renowned published author. You can see some of the books that we have published in UAE on our website.