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Austin Macauley Publishers started its journey with an aim to provide a platform to authors where they could showcase their talent and skills to the world. The road to success has many obstacles and a lot of hard work is required. Sometimes, the task looks impossible and losing hope could be easy. But rejoice as Austin Macauley Publishers is an equal opportunity publishing company and gives opportunities to both published and new authors. Austin Macauley also caters to the widest range of genre of the books. We guide and support our valuable authors at every step of publication and marketing with flawless and impeccable services.

Austin Macauley Publishers has a very impressive title count to its credit ever since its conception years. We have been delivering titles that appeal to the general public and are relevant to the vast majority of groups. Austin Macauley has an impressive collection of children’s book genre. Its thriller stories genre is also growing rapidly than ever. In the coming year, with the growing size of the team, they are planning to take up more projects, offering their services to a larger number of authors from all over the world.

Here, we are giving step by step guide for getting published with Austin Macauley Publishers and becoming officially an author. In order to make a dream come true, consistent hard work and patience are required. If you behold these two super-powers then, it won’t come as a surprise for you when your book would be loved by millions and billions. Following are the steps to become an author and get published with Austin Macauley Publishers.

1.Hunt for Inspiration

Do not sit around waiting for an inspiration to hit you in an enlightening moment, actively chase inspiration. Read your favourite authors, re-read your favourite books. Go out and meet more people. Visit places which can inspire you. Keep a notebook with you all the time to pen down any inspiration you get. Regularly go through your listed ideas.

Sometimes people do get inspired by their real-life events and that’s brilliant! We all have interesting lives at one level or the other. Think about writing another version of yourself. Write about a life you wish you could have: adventurous, happening and interesting. Write a hero based on your personality or the person you wish you were. Inspirations are everywhere you just have to look for them actively.


Once you have captured the inspiration, sit down and start writing.

  • Write an outline/synopsis of your book. Roughly write a summary of the beginning, the end and everything in between.
  • If it’s a novel, write down the detailed descriptions of each significant character. Write their physical appearance, their personality and anything significant you would like your readers to know.
  • Keep writing until you are finished. Stay persistent. Sometimes authors find it hard to stay focused and are easily distracted by the gazillion amount of things going on in their lives. Many promising authors just lose interest in their own work, become weary of their own created characters and sometimes even start hating them. They never finish their book and never become an author. So, if you are serious about becoming an author, just keep writing until you are done.
  • Do not use flowery languages and avoid jargons. Use language a common man can understand easily.
  • Do not write to impress your audience, rather than write to move your readers. Readers love the books they can feel connected to. 
You can slow down your pace of moving forward but should never ever stop.


The first draft can never be the best and needs some editing efforts to make it a masterpiece. There are many typos, spelling or grammatical errors but most importantly some plot-holes you might have missed initially. Or there could be some important aspects you might have missed. Go through your draft and polish it as much as you can. Find a person who can read it for you with a neutral mind. The more well written, mistakes-free your manuscript will be, the better impression you will have on anyone who reads your novel, be the publisher, agent, critic or a regular reader.

4.Submit your Manuscript online to Austin Macauley Publishers

Once you are done with the manuscript, it’s time for the Fastest Growing Publisher aka Austin Macauley Publishers to take care of your well-written work and make it the biggest hit of the market. Submitting your work to Austin Macauley Publishers is easy. We give equal opportunity to authors with agents and authors without agents. Just send a synopsis and manuscript which you can do by post, or through an email but the most efficient and preferred way is by submitting on our website. An online form is available, you can fill your information in and attach the file of your manuscript to us. It takes about three weeks for our highly qualified editorial department to review your manuscript and respond back to you. If your book is accepted, you will be offered a contract. The most famous, effective and useful model named as hybrid publishing model is used, you would either be offered a traditional contract or a partnership contract. Initially, every manuscript is reviewed from the perspective of offering a traditional contract. After the acceptance phase, Austin Macauley Publishers welcomes its new authors with great zeal and enthusiasm.

5.Get involved with the production of your book

The most exciting phase comes in when your books get to the phase of production. A coordinator is assigned to you who will guide you at every stage your book is passing through. Your books go through editorial, graphics, development, animation, marketing and many more departments throughout. While teams from different departments of Austin Macauley Publishers work together to fashion your manuscript into a dream book, the author is always in the loop. You are not only kept in the loop but your valued feedback is also incorporated. The excitement you feel in this phase is quite enchanting and seeing your manuscript turn in to book is a magical feeling.

6.Enjoy yourself at marketing events

Be prepared to be the centre of attention. Austin Macauley Publishers market their books with a proper action plan, making sure it is available to the right target market. Austin Macauley Publishers arranges events for authors like book reading, book signing, radio/television interviews and much more to promote and advertise the book. Other than book launch events, our authors attend plenty of books signing events, meet and greet events, charity events, book read events, and many other promotional campaigns. We also highlight such events on our website and social media accounts to improve the digital presence of our authors.

7.Spend your proceedings however you wish

Austin Macauley Publishers provides you with the sales report and your royalties bi-annually. Twice a year, you are given a detailed report on the number of copies sold and everything related to it. Every six months you receive the proceedings from your book.


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Road Map To Get Published

Austin Macauley Publishers works consistently to provide the best book publishing services to the authors who work day and night to see their dream becoming a reality. It’s time for you to get the ball rolling and get ready for the best journey of your life.

Austin Macauley Publishers – “Best Book Publishers In UAE!”

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2018, A Memorable Year For Austin Macauley Publishers.


On the occasion of New Year, 2019, Team Austin Macauley Publishers wishes you a Happy and Prosperous New Year. We wish you success and good luck for the year 2019 and hope that this new year brings a lot of happiness and good books in your life.

Austin Macauley Publishers was founded in 2006 in London, UK. Since the beginning, Austin Macauley has worked with immense determination to find unique and talented authors from all over the world and help them in getting published. Over the years, we have discovered a lot of great authors and produced many amazing books and literary masterpieces. To work more closely and efficiently with the authors from all over the world, we decided to expand our network and opened offices in New York City in the USA and Sharjah City in UAE, and very soon another office of the company will be inaugurated in Sydney, Australia. All of this expansions helped us in putting a distinctive mark in the publishing industry, locally and internationally.

The main objective of the company’s existence in Sharjah is to facilitate every writer who has the talent of writing and wants to get published. Austin Macauley Publishers offers complete support to its talented authors which enables them to produce unique and distinguished books that leave an everlasting mark in the reader’s mind of the Arab regions.

Austin Macauley publishes books in both Arabic and English languages from various literary genres, such as Children’s books, Poetry, Romance, Science Fiction, Crime, Thriller, Self-Help and Personal-Development books, Novels, Science books, Biographies and Historical books etc.

2018 was a successful year in every aspect for Austin Macauley Publishers as we participated in many national and international book fairs, seminars and festivals.

Austin Macauley participated in the Abu Dhabi Book Fair and had a memorable experience. During the book fair, our stall was visited by numerous great authors and visitors and we had a wonderful time interacting with them. The visitors took great interest in our books and got the copies of their favourite books from the stall.

Sharjah Children’s Reading Festival was also a unique experience for us. The festival witnessed a great number of audience, many cultural activities were organised including drawing, painting and book reading for visitors, children and their families.

Austin Macauley Publishers also took part in the third largest book fair in the world, the Sharjah International Book Fair, which included the participation of 77 countries, more than 160 million titles, hundreds of International book Publishers and distributors and thousands of authors, literary activists and book enthusiast. The festival involved many cultural activities and seminars. Many of the book lovers visited Austin Macauley’s stall to see the diverse and excellent variety of books. They interacted with their favourite authors and got the signed copies of their books for themselves. Austin Macauley Publishers participated in many cultural sessions and discussions during the exhibition.


Austin Macauley Publisher at Sharjah Book Fair 2018


One of the most unforgettable moments of the year 2018 was when the great American Weekly Magazine classified Austin Macauley as the fastest growing publishing house, where the company overcame many of its competitors because of the quality work produced. The growth rate of the company as compared to other publishing houses in the recent years is 330%.

Read the full article by Publishers Weekly:  Fastest Growing Publishers 2018.

Austin Macauley Publishers are keen to enrich the Arab region with culture. So, in addition to English books, we have begun the production of books in Arabic, which will soon be published at the beginning of the year 2019. These books are of different literary genres, including the famous novels: ‘I Believed You’ by Laila Bashar Al-Kloub, ‘The Knowledge and the Concepts of Creation Between Heritage and Modernity’ by the creative writer A Abdulrahman Omar Faheel Elbum, ‘Ahmed’s Dreams ‘by Ahmed Ashujaa, ‘Return to Death’ by Sami Mohammed Hussain, ‘The Lonely Amman’s River’ by Shahd Ismail Hussein, and many great upcoming books such as ‘Friends’ Pact’, ‘The Silence of London’, ‘The Easiest Ways to Quit Smoking’ and the featured children’s book, ‘How a Whale and a Moon Helped Me’.

For more information about upcoming books, click here.

In 2019, Austin Macauley Publishers are determined to keep on producing the quality work. We intend to produce many Arabic and English titles in the Arab Area, where they will be distinguished as highly selective books in the publishing industry of the Arab world. To expand our reach further, Austin Macauley Publishers will continue to participate in the upcoming book fairs, exhibitions, seminars and cultural events.

We hope that you are having a wonderful time celebrating the New Year and we wish that you achieve all your goals and dreams in 2019. It’s time to begin a new great story, Happy New Year.

Austin Macauley Publishers – “Where Every Great Story Begins.”

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