Celebrating Poetry in All Its Forms — Poetry Books and Much More!

Poetry Books

Every year, World Poetry Day is celebrated on 21st March. UNESCO established it to recognize the unique attributes of poetry that tap into the creative side of human beings. However, how do you convince your others that this is worthy of celebration as it is common to think that poetry is only for academics and posh people! Isn’t that so?

Well, that’s not true. Here are some suggestions to commemorate World Poetry Day and get everyone around you enthusiastic about poetry. We’ve also selected some soulful poetry books from our prolific authors that will tug the strings to your hearts.

Get Everyone Involved

If you’re an academic, one of the great ways to kick off the day is to encourage people to read their favourite poems at an assembly or a special gathering. You can gather teachers and other members from your institute to participate in this endeavour. It will allow students to understand that poetry is enjoyed by everyone alike. In the course of the day, staff may also travel throughout the school and come into classes to read some poems.

Parents can get involved, too. Send a note home to inform them of how your school will be celebrating and encourage them to talk to their kids about the event following the celebration. There’s no need for dress-up because it creates too much stress on parents and detracts from the message that is centred around poetry.

It’s Time to Show off Your Talents

Poetry is intended to be read aloud and experienced in all of its splendour. So make sure that the performance should be the main focus of poetry. It’s not like introducing music to your kids without asking them to listen first. So, when you participate in a poetry reading session, approach poetry in the same as you would music. A variety of videos are accessible on YouTube. Make sure to use sound effects.

Celebrate All the Beautiful Cultures Through Poetry

One of the goals for World Poetry Day is to recognize cultural diversity and oral tradition. Ensure that you’ve got plenty of poetry from all over the globe and not just your mother tongue. Trust us when we tell you; it will open your eyes to a whole new horizon of literary talents missing from your life.

Invite a Poet

If you have time, you can invite a poet. If time isn’t a factor, or on the day, investigate local poets and invite them over to your gathering. It’s much more powerful to connect the content of an ebook to a real person, and this could be a great way to make contact.

Show and Tell

One of the fun activities you can do with your peers is to ask them to bring objects (it could be anything but normal) and use it as a stimulus to show how you employ poetic techniques like alliteration adjectives, verbs, and adjectival terms. For instance, a simple torch could be “A massive torch shining its infinitesimal light across the ceiling’s dark walls.”

Play Guess Who With Friends

Gather in groups and make teams. Write positive kennings about people you all are familiar with or even famous people. Each team then has to determine who the person is.

Start Writing Your Own Poetry

Are you inspired to write your own poems but aren’t sure how to begin? What is a better day other than World Poetry Day to write your own poem, right? You can even write a poem in collaboration with your friends. In the Japanese “Renga” poem, one person writes the initial three lines (following the 5-7-5 patterns of syllables). Then, the person following adds to that by following two lines (both seven syllables).

Concentrate on the Reactions

A sudden emotional outpour does not make good poetry. Art emerges from the depths of emotions and, in return, regenerates emotion; however, it’s not just self-expression. It is an art form: a technique that must be learned and mastered. Experiencing poetry comes different for every individual, and what one person enjoys, others might dislike.

If you’re sharing one of your own poems with others and want some feedback to improve your writing style, ask them how they feel? What do they like or don’t dislike about this poem? However, do not judge their reactions. Instead, consider this as a fantastic opportunity to improve your work. After all, there are no hard and fast rules when it comes to poetry, and it doesn’t even have to rhyme. All it needs is for you to play and indulge in the beauty of language and emotions.

Best Poetry Books to Read on World Poetry Day

Now that we’ve talked about the ways through which you can celebrate World Poetry Day, it’s high time to share some of the best poetry books with our fantastic readers. We have a pandora’s box filled with beautiful collections of poems by our super talented poets.

World Poetry Day is your best chance to appreciate the work of your favourite poet and the joy that poetry gives you. This day, you’ll be able to enjoy the incredible imagination of poets by spending time reading the greatest poems ever written. If you’re not interested in poetry, you can try reading a novel or a poet that you’ve not previously read.

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