Why You Need To Have an Author Blog?


Over the last few years the rise in blogging, bloggers and vloggers has dramatically increased due to the increase in social media preference, but blogs aren’t just for influencers!

Having a blog as an author creates great potential to unlocking new connections, book sales and promotions, whilst giving you the opportunity to have some creative fun aside from your book as an author.

We’ve put together some of the top reasons why you should have an author blog!

Establishing a Writing Discipline

Blogging is just like writing a book, every author establishes their own writing style and tone – whether that’s a humours tone with underlying satire or abrupt and to the point, your blogging style is our choice!

Your blogging style can match and reflect the tone or your book, or the way in which you wish to be represented as an author and writer. However, once you’ve picked a tone, stick to it! This can help to define and promote a well-established blog and one that your readers become familiar with. A change of post style can look out of place!

It’s important to also be firm with yourself and follow a routine of consistent blogging. Be organised and ensure blogs go up on your website when you plan them too!

Feedback Engagement

Always welcome and encourage feedback!

Some readers like to engage with blogs more openly and leave comments once they’ve read them. Comments can be positive, neutral or negative – so it’s important that you approach comments and feedback in the correct way, as others can see your response.

All feedback is good feedback as it helps you progress as an author!

Establishing the Expertise and Credibility

With practise and experience, the content on your blog will improve over time. Your writing style and tone will secure itself, and readers will become familiar with when you post, establishing credibility as a blogger, as well as an author.

Check out other authors blogs for comparison and creative flair! They might be doing something you’re not but would love to do – however remember to keep in the style you wish to achieve for your blog.

Chance To Build Connections

Blogs serve as an incredibly effective platform to make more connections!

Readers, authors, bloggers, business owners, and service providers all come across blogs daily. Whether they just read your blog, leave a comment or share it on social media, the potential of making a new and important connection is endless.

Interacting with those that interact with you, could be key to pushing your blog and book.

Get Your Name to a Search Engine

This isn’t one that most understand, however in basic terms, the more you blog, the more likely it is to appear on search engines, such as Google, this then increases the amount of readers on your blog!

Top Tip: When writing your blog, write a list of all the key words you’d like to include. These could be the name of your book, the genre, any relevant terms will do! Try to use each key word at least 5 times in your blog – that way, google will recognise those terms more if they’re searched.

A Chance To Interact

Blogging is a key tool in terms of marketing and sales, and one that’s free!

Blogging could be a vital choice in the increase of popularity for your book online. Combined with social media and/or a website, the possibilities for promotion, sales, interaction, events and more through interaction with your readers in a fun, creative way are incredible.

In reflection, the positives of having an author blog are countless and the high majority of those with an author blog will agree – give blogging a go today, you might find you have a creative flair for online blogs alongside writing books!