Impact of COVID-19 on Authors, Publishers and Book Readers


In recent times, the drastic growth of COVID-19 pandemic has its immediate, emotional and psychological impact on every individual worldwide. To everyone’s surprise, despite all the technological advancement and access, people are still facing a communication dilemma. This situation has now been deep-rooted among readers and writers in the publishing sector. The impact of COVID-19 on publishing industry is making it evolve and adapt digital means to operate.

For some, this period is expected to bring a monetary dropout, loss of expenses and lack of accessible resources. From the look of events, it seems that the small-scale book industries, independent bookstores and small publishing agencies may get adversely affected during these times.

This pandemic has affected published authors, book readers, publishers and distributors globally. Let’s take a look at some of its effects on those related to the publishing industry:

Big Revolutions in the Electronic Business

As we all believe that the present situation along with all its worries, has brought some untraceable revolutions in our lives. One of these is that avid readers and book enthusiasts are spending most of their time of self-isolation with digital reads including eBooks and audiobooks. With this sudden boom of interest in book reading, authors and publishers are now digitalizing the published content to catch maximum eyes and views.

Enhanced Personal Productivity

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the crossword of uncertainties has certainly brought an innovative and surprising realization of reading to even those who never preferred to read. This is because book reading is one of the easiest solutions to kill most of the time with productivity and awareness during this lockdown phase, spread almost in every part of the world. Some may consider book reading as a perfect way to procrastinate and to get away with most of their day.

Economic Decline

The economic recession has its repercussions in the purchase of books since publishers have been knocked out from east to west by shutdowns. Many public book fairs and exhibitions have been cancelled or postponed, resulting in some issues for trusted publishing houses and distributors.

Rise in Online Sales

The bombardment of eBooks on the internet has managed to increase the sales as well as brighten up the future business prospects for online dealers in the book publishing and purchasing sectors. Similarly, famous writers and readers have come to know the importance of online written content as well.

Doors of Opportunity

Various online platforms are developed where there are handy audiobooks and ebooks with easy fonts to facilitate all. Hence, turning this business into a new hub of possibilities for all aspiring authors.

Increased Social Media Presence

With the increase of social distancing and staying indoors, business and individuals have started focusing on their presence on social media. This has also urged authors and readers to interact with each other as a lot of book signings, book readingsand other similar events have been called off. Live online sessions, online question and answer discussions and other methods have helped literature lovers to stay connected with their favourite authors.

We’d like to conclude it with a hope for you to find your favourite pick online and enjoy reading it while you’re in self-isolation.

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Stay safe and happy reading!