Why You Should Get Your Book Published with Austin Macauley Publishers?


There are many talented authors both experienced and new who want to show their work to the world. All they require is a proper platform where their work is valued, published and marketed with the utmost care.

Austin Macauley Publishers provide an open and transparent hybrid publishing model to authors across the world. We wholeheartedly look at the work from every passionate author, aspiring or already established, with the view to offering a contract to authors that fit our standards and ethos as a company.
But why choose us? Let us talk you through why…

  1. Open Submission Policy:

Don’t hesitate if you are new to the industry, we would love to hear from you.

Austin Macauley Publishers open its doors to all authors from around the world. We encourage new and experienced authors alike to submit, while you have to be a bestselling author or social media maven to be considered by a literary agency, we want to give talented authors a chance to flourish in a fast pace industry.

Our efficient submission policy and procedures enable all authors to reach out to us conveniently online, via the phone or at submissions@austinmacauley.ae

  1. Worldwide Distribution:

Our offices are operating in three major countries around the world; UK, USA and UAE.

Our head offices are in London, Cambridge, New York and Sharjah. Our worldwide presence is a testament to our network around the world.

  1. Highly Qualified Teams:

 Once you are on board with us, expect a very high-quality of work, our editors, typesetters, designers, illustrators, proofreaders and marketers will be highly devoted to taking care of your manuscript at each level until it turns your manuscript in to a book.

Our highly skilled teams have the expertise in bringing out the true potential of your book irrespective of its size, complexity and genre. An author can be confident that his/her manuscript is in the right hands.

  1. Effective Marketing:

 An extensive marketing and promotional campaigns are designed and devised for the authors by our social media experts and marketing team. We have our presence on almost all social media platforms from Facebook to YouTube.

We run separate social media handles for the UK, US and UAE authors and markets, where their books are extensively promoted.

  1. Arabic Language:

 We don’t only provide our services in the English language, but we have a very competent and talented Arabic team that take care of all books.

  1. Coverage at International Book Fairs:

 Our worldwide presence enables us to display the valuable work of our respected authors at different International Book Fairs. It plays a vital role in promoting, selling and managing rights to our author’s books at an international level.

  1. Variety of Genres:

 We do not publish books of a specific genre. In fact, we accept books across all genres. From Sci-fi to Children’s, from contemporary to romance, from historical to war and from thrillers to horror, mystery and crime, we are proud to be publishing books in all genres.

So, if you are looking for a publisher who is open to submissions, accepts manuscripts across all genres, can work with you directly in both English and Arabic, then Austin Macauley Publishers are here to make your dreams a reality.

You are welcome to submit your manuscript via email at submissions@austinmacauley.ae or visit our official website page for more details: https://austinmacauley.ae/submissions

Let’s Begin Your Great Story!

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